“Don’t f#ck with me, fellas. This cowgirl has been to the rodeo before.” Joan Crawford, without doubt, knew how to flame broil…

Joan Crawford looking very festive. Her recipe for Broiled Steak with Roquefort Cheese — a-okay for a carnivore’s Christmas — is below.

Serve with crispy roast potatoes and a green salad and you’ve got a meal to celebrate.

The way you get quartered potatoes to crisp up when you roast them is to boil them for five minutes, drain well in a colander, shake them up so that they dry and the surface can absorb oil, and then put in a roasting pan. Sprinkle with a small handful of flour, a pinch of salt, and then drizzle olive oil over the top until the potatoes are coated. Roast at 400º F for a bit under an hour until golden brown and nice and crusty (I start checking them at 45 minutes, but it usually takes almost an hour for them to be perfectly golden brown.)

Note: this is how you test if your steak is cooked rare, medium, or well done.

Relax your hand and put it palm up fingers curled. Press the fleshy part of your hand below your thumb, touch your steak quickly, if it’s soft like this your steak is rare.

Tense your hand a little and flatten it out, fingers straight. If the part beneath your thumb feels like this when you prod it with your finger, and that sensation is the same when you test the steak it’s medium.

Splay your hand open wide, touch that part of your palm, if your steak is hard like this it is well done.

Always let your steak rest for 10 minutes before you serve.



    I MUST TRY THAT……….and should meat REST!??
    NO WAY WILL THE ITALIAN LET THAT HAPPEN as he has to eat it HOT!!!!!!

    • I think mine was Mildred Pierce…
      If you let it rest it’s still so hot that it will continue cooking during the resting. You do this so the juices are absorbed by the meat making it tender and delicious.
      I saw your Christmas tree on Insta…GORGEOUS.

    • 5’4 was a bit taller than average for her generation, but it proves how tiny actresses were (and still are) that Crawford was considered not only tall but big. Edith Head came up with shoulder pads in order to make her hips–considered huge but really quite average–look smaller.

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