Who designed the wardrobe on Some Like it Hot? Orry-Kelly. Did he win an Academy Award for it? Yes!

on set some like it hot


  1. Da*n! And he deserved it! Whoooeee. I don’t think that anyone ever understood Marylin’s body so well…let alone Mr. Lemmon and Mr. Curtis. 🙂

    • He understood the sensual curve, that’s for damn sure! There’s a famous gown he did for Baby Face that’s severe and covered all the way up to Barbara Stanwyck’s chin, and her back is COMPLETELY bare.

  2. Okay this is just between us…someone you know and I don’t mean me. (I only do brunettes) copied the white “I Want To Be Loved By You” dress and stole for Halloween about 20 years ago. (it took three months to make including a body suit that created the perfect Marilyn look) That someone stopped traffic on Market Street that long ago Halloween night, got mobbed by hundreds fans on Castro Street and got a squad car spotlight as her very own a follow spot and wolf whistles from the cops in the car. It was a magical night.

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