I sound like the unholy offspring of Suzanne Pleshette and Elmer Fudd…

I have a cold. I have been wearing the same hoodie for three days and have sipped innumerable cups of warm honey lemon water. I know there are more pressing matters going on in the world right now, yet, I am wondering how to get rid of the goo that has settled around my vocal chords.

So, it’ll be quiet around here for a bit.

I plan on napping a great deal…

…and to continue writing from page 221 in the novel that Pippa Rathborne — an actress I am very fortunate to know — read the opening of a long time ago:



To hear me read an excerpt just click below — and yes, this is when I don’t sound like a cartoon character 😉



To read an interview about the novel in progress with William Kuhn — an author I am very fortunate to know —

Click right here.

Stay well, stay warm, stay safe.


  1. First of all Susie: how did you get that magnificent Pippa Rathbone recording? It’s wonderful and adds a whole new layer of intrigue to your story. Second, colds go away. Be patient. Take more naps (about to take my own advice here). We want more of your light, more of your wit, more of you pictures, more of your insider knowledge, more of your view of the world. But we’ll wait for them.

  2. I am grateful for all the generous comments – acting or recording are like shooting in the dark – you don’t know if you’ve hit target unless at least one person says “Ow”. Again, I am very fortunate to be associated with both Vickie Lester and First Night Design, because of their wit and wisdom and the opportunities they offer the rest of us. Hello, William Kuhn – I know about you and your writing through Vickie, and am looking forward to getting hold of your Disraeli biography through evil but necessary Amazon.

  3. You look like a glamorous vigilante! And where do you keep your elixir of youth? I want some… 😉 Also, there is nothing wrong with sounding like the marvelous Suzanne Pleshette (if you sounded like John Pleshette of Knots Landing, on the other hand…) but have you been hunting wabbits?! 🐰 Get well soon, Emily… (Bob Newhart Show reference there. 🙂 )

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