Where a lack of punctuation can lead…

Funny thing about blogging, sometimes your posts pop back into circulation and you find, because you wrote in haste, and didn’t check, there might be a sentence lacking commas that would lead one to believe you were inciting violence in a recipe, instead of what you intended, which was to use a term of endearment for your readers.


(And by the way, if you click below you will *fund* oops! correction! *find* a wonderful dessert recipe most suitable for Spring.)

Very, very gradually add two cups of sugar beating all the while, add a teaspoon of vanilla and a teaspoon of vinegar. Keep beating, babies, until the mixture is as glossy as a satin ribbon, I mean GLOSSY. Et voilà! That’s the most difficult part of this entire slice of heaven.

Except in the original I wrote, “Keep beating babies…”

Those with an editorial bent would be horrified.

I’m looking at you, Mr. Charlie. And if you want to read some illuminating book reviews, thrifty and delicious recipes, and some flights of memory so very transporting; head over to Here We Are Going.


  1. I’d like to know how to ‘fund’ your recipe. Ooh, I can hear the sound of you kicking yourself. I’m in my usual, ‘Why don’t you know your 1600s from your 1600’s?’ mode. In other words, I’m incandescent with rage! x

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