Who invented the loo, w.c., toilet, les cabinets, das klosett, il bagno, el retrete, etc.?

The guy who came up with this little epigram:
Treason doth neuer prosper? What’s the Reason?
for if it prosper none dare call it treason.
Yep, that’s Sir John Harrington (1560-1612). He was a courtier to Elizabeth I. Well known for having a gift of the gab, he used it to save himself from the queen’s wrath when he wrote a book skewering the Earl of Leicester. The reason we should think of him every day with thanks? He invented the toilet.

Now back to Liz I (1558-1603), did you know she and Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584) exchanged some 90 letters? Well, now you do. He was a crafty autocrat who increasingly raged as he aged, resulting in a fit, during which he murdered his eldest son. Golly. What kings could get away with. She was a charismatic survivor of a wild upbringing, possibly the  best educated woman of her generation, and she had her rivals killed or executed. Oh, those absolute rulers.




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