What brings people to betray their country?

In Benedict Arnold’s case it was a commission in the British Army, and 10,000 pounds (in modern currency, millions). There’s a certain mindset that makes someone crave money and position above everything else…

   Eric D. Lehman, author of Homegrown Terror: Benedict Arnold and the Burning of New London…spent time looking over Arnold’s letters and other first-hand accounts.

   “Some seemed to point to him ‘lacking feeling,’ i.e. sociopathic, but others showed him having too much feeling—he couldn’t control his temper. The number one thing I found across all of them was his selfish ambition, which came from a profound lack of self-esteem as a child and young man,” Lehman says.

Via: Why Did Benedict Arnold Betray America? By John Seven for History

Oh, and he also lived lavishly, far beyond his means, was tied up in legal cases, and was married to a much younger woman (18 to Benedict’s 38) — who also happened to be a British spy — Peggy Shippen.

I’ll let you draw your own parallels.



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