Stealing a line from Billy Wilder, “I am not a gal writing deep-dish revelations.”

You all know (I think…I must have mentioned it before…) that I started this blog because I was told I had to. The surprising and wonderful thing is that I love the people it’s introduced me to. I never expected that. Getting back to the had to it all started because I had written this book, and publishers—oh yes, and we all know what happened to the publishing deal and I won’t bore you with that again—anyway, publishers wouldn’t look at me twice unless I had a platform. I chose the Hollywood thing because I’m familiar with it, and at the outset I wanted to hide behind it. Yes, hide. Believe it or not, in real life I am not very verbose, unless I know somebody well, and then it’s like reading this blog—blah, blah, blah—more times a day than most people can stand.

And now about stealing lines, I steal bits of people’s lives and juggle them around and jot them down. Isn’t that what everyone who writes fiction does? My friend, Michael, asked me what author was most influential in my writing, and thinking about it now it wasn’t an author, it was a screenwriter and a director: Billy Wilder. Now, I’m not claiming to be as talented as Mr Wilder—don’t worry I haven’t mislaid my marbles—but I have some similar attitudes. I have a lot of fun with words, I don’t take what I do too seriously, and my main objective is to entertain.

Three guesses what I named the heroine of my next novel. Did I hear someone say Billie?

“Well, nobody’s perfect.”



  1. Dearest V
    And we’re delighted you were told you ‘had to’ do your blog, because once you started writing it and we started reading it we ‘had to’ simply for head over heal in love with you and it.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. So glad you didn’t hide behind it because I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your tale of intrigue that was all in his kiss, and so much more!!! Thank you so much dear Vickie, you did more than well. Billy would be proud!

      • That came out perfectly right, writing is about observation and reinterpretation — fiction wouldn’t be at all convincing without basis in fact.
        Truth? Right now I’m running a low grade fever and responding to comments in between naps and endless cups of tea.
        Because I am being the sloth-queen I will comment on your most recent post here. I took my partner’s favorite story about me and twisted it around a little bit and put it in my first novel. It has something to do with talking in your sleep 😉 .

  3. Billy literally carried the “nobody’s perfect” line to his grave! His marker says “I’m A Writer, But Nobody’s Perfect.”

    So happy you started this blog! It’s been great getting to know you a little better, and I love your writing!!

    Warmest wishes,


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