Twitterpated over Christmas…

This is a very disturbing picture.

The wondrous beauty, Ann-Margret, has birds in her hair. Now, I know they’re fake – but, really, birds?

My mom had boxes of these things in the sixties and when everybody else had a Christmas tree strewn with tinsel and shining glass trinkets our tree looked like an aviary. It didn’t sparkle, it was wired full of synthetic animals. Am I still bitter? Well, I guess I am.

Last year the house was scented with pine boughs. This year I’ll be home just in time to decorate…I’ll keep you posted.


  1. I knew a woman who was a model back in the 1970s. She told me she was on a photo shoot one day and her hair was piled high with curls and twists, and she thought it would be the perfect look for a date with a new man (whom she later married). That afternoon, she was outside a downtown department store, where the shoot was held, watching the pigeons and waiting for her bus home. She noticed everyone was staring at her, and she thought it was due to her super lovely hairdo.

    When she got home, her roommate gently said to her, “I think you’d better shower before you go out tonight.” When the woman looked in the mirror, she gasped. The pigeons left all kinds of “treats” in her hair!

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