long time no see…

You know how I am about word derivations, I find them fascinating. Long time no see may be something coined from a clumsy 1930s Hollywood attempt to mimic the English of Native Americans, or it could be a direct translation from a Mandarin Chinese phrase 好久不见: (Pinyin) hǎojiǔ bù jiàn.

long time no seeIt doesn’t take the abilities of Sherlock Holmes to detect I’ve been absent from social media. Instead of carrying on a conversation here I have been writing a novel, and then rewriting a novel. When I finished that process I sent a query letter out into the great agent ocean and I am waiting to hear back.

In the meantime I’m doing as I please, and what I’d like to do is share a preview of the latest novel. Here’s the pitch:

Can a babysitter to the stars rise to studio boss and still retain her soul?

When Billie Price flunks out of Harvard — hard — she continues her education in Hollywood, a world of drama, comedy, and childcare. There, she royally pisses off one employer and marries the other. Within a decade she’s struggling through divorce and returns to school — a crash course in L.A. etiquette (in the manner of Eve Babitz), social histories and gender hierarchies (in the manner of Edith Wharton), and filmmaking (in the manner of hands on).

On movie sets around the world her babysitting savvy comes into play tending a director on psychedelics, soothing an insecure producer, sidestepping an offer of graft from a local official, and charming just about everyone on her rise to the top.

Yet will her people skills save her when her studio is hacked, her nest is empty, and her love life has been in deep-freeze for oh-so very long?

I invite you to join me for story time, starting this weekend.

Care to read along? Wanna talk about it? Then join me and bookmark this site for Saturday and Sunday (and perhaps Monday) pages from now through Christmas.



    • If ever I am lifted out of the slush pile I will let you know. Right now I will content myself with visiting via this wonderful medium. Which brings me to those photos of your house, what a glorious job you’ve done since first you moved in!

  1. I wish I could say I had been doing something as creative during my absence! Good to see you again. Have you ever checked out Gung Ho!? You will know the movie, I am sure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gung_Ho! The history of the word is fascinating and I love that a NZer, in China, coined the phrase, and the word and the concept were taken up by the Marines.

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