Home for the holidays

Somehow our Christmas prep involved me saving a coffee table from the trash heap.

Shown here with our delightful spokesmodel, The Mister.

A friend of ours had bought it from a movie studio’s sale in the 1980s. For many years it sat in our shared rental in the Hollywood Hills.  At one point we slapped a coat of house-paint on the leather cover (what can I say, we were young). Then we grew up, bought houses, and the table that had held center court at parties and photo shoots and evenings in front of the TV went to live in our friend’s garage. One day when I walked by his house I saw the old table cockeyed, broken, balanced on its side, sitting in his driveway — hauled from the garage to throw away. Spotting it did my youth flash before me? Not really. But I do succumb to sentiment from time to time and that’s when I got my mitts on the table and took it home.

This piece of furniture was in a number of films, including one in which Kirk Douglas plays a romance novelist—I kid you not—

Many thanks to The Mister and my nephew who pulled the damaged leather from the top and sanded and glued and waxed and cleansed the grime accumulated in studio warehouses since 1948.

The table now looks like this:

Here’s the link to the movie:

I send you love and joy and on Christmas Day if you drop by for a visit I’ll read you a story.


    • I first saw My Dear Secretary with the table sitting in our living room as I watched — it was many many years ago and I have to see it again as I have forgotten most of it, except for tweedy Kirk’s bow ties 😉 .

  1. That is one hell of a gorgeous coffee table. If I had room in my house, and if I knew where your house was, and if I was strong enough, I must be tempted to break in a steal it. Fortunately for all concerned, none of those conditions exist.

    Also, what is that ship painting behind you? It looks like a poster for an old trans-Atlantic cruise ship. Is that what it is?

    • Merry happy, Martin! The painting is from a local cruise ship line that went out of business in the 1930s. We will have to remedy those conditions you speak of soon and have a cream tea at the coffee table.

  2. Dearest Sukie, your table is of course beyond gorgeous! As is your house – even though (blush) I had trouble finding it! And please tell Esther to tell Vickie to tell Susanne that I’m going to give her my thoughts about the very enjoyable time I had snooping into Billie Taylor’s life! I got a bit sidetracked by the loss of my brother. But we carry on*! Nevertheless, MERRY CHRISTMAS in the meantime. 🅱️ also known as B

    *as did Billie!


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