Listen up, sometimes the holidays are hell — even in Hollywood

Listen up, sometimes the holidays are hell — even in HollywoodThis is the wonderful Lucille Ball broadcasting from CBS about 80 years ago. Much more recently (okay, okay, on Christmas Eve) I recorded a short story all about a Hollywood holiday, archangels, juvenile delinquents, and aging actors.

I downloaded a great open source program called Audacity, clamped a microphone to the table in front of my computer, donned headphones, and spent four hours recording a 34 minute narrative. You would think since I wrote the damn thing the words would come trippingly off my tongue…not always. Sometimes I would stop the recording, take out my pen and scribble on my script, erase a segment, and start over. Sometimes I would just run out of breath. Other times I would take off my headphones and holler over my mistakes.

Now that my respect for actors has doubled I will rehearse next time. I may even take some voice lessons so I will understand breath work. In the meantime, here’s the story I first posted on Christmas day.

Wishing you a happy New Year and hoping you enjoy:

Ketamine Christmas, 1991 by Susannah Corwin




  1. What a wondrous surprise and so brave, Mme Susannah! What an accomplishment too. I wish you every success with your new endeavour – and continue to enjoy the wonders of Christmas, dear girl!
    George… Archie Leach?! 😉

    • Cary-George-Archie, I am delighted you gave the story a listen. I am still learning, but I hope to record my new book to podcast in the near future. On this seventh day of Christmas I send you good cheer and wishes for a wonderful New Year.

  2. Well, it took me a month or two to have a listen but it was well worth waiting for. Your courage and productivity put me to shame. And…when does the next installment come out?

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