Hello dear, how are you?

Hello dear, how are you?Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I wanted to check in and wake up the blog to send out some good wishes.

A friend said something funny to me the other day, they said we’re about three weeks away in Los Angeles from seeing what everyone’s natural hair color is. As you can see, mine is gray approaching white. Speaking of which, I also have to hop on YouTube to see how to cut the Mister’s hair — there’s no way to keep six feet away from a hair stylist.

I was thinking the other day that my grandparents were teenagers during the flu outbreak in 1918. They were in their fifties when their kids went off to fight in WWII. I turned 60 about a month ago. About a week ago, as the news got ever more ominous I finished a down-to-the-molecular-level cleaning of my house (not really, but one has to have goals). I froze three quarts of homemade chicken soup, and then I started to think of planting a victory garden. Yes, poppets, we’ll be doing some pandemic planting. Goodbye lawn, hello zucchini. I figure I can share with the neighbors, because as you might know said squash is damn prolific and if you don’t pick it young it will grow to a size that you can hollow out and row down a river.

Happily I can report that people here are behaving like they do after an earthquake. Seeing what they can do to help, listening to health advisories, looking out for one another. On my walks people give each other a cordial distance, they say hello from their front porches, and in the market we chat from six feet away.

Friends have texted about donating supplies to hospitals and holding online performances.

Which is not to say I haven’t been brought to tears with worry — we all have. Yet one of the things that has been kinda miraculous is social media, it keeps us in touch and informed.

Oh, and here are a couple of links beyond The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post (all of which have their firewalls down for Covid-19 coverage) that you might not have known about:

The New Yorker

Epidemic Science & Health Information on Twitter compiled my Josh Marshall

Be safe, be well, and if you like let me know how you are. In the meantime I will attempt to get my act together and read that novel online like I promised over Christmas.



    Funny we too talked about THE ITALIANS hair last night!I offered HE REFUSED!
    SORRY to see you UNSUBCRIBED from my BLOG.BUT I GET IT!WE cannot FOLLOW everyone!
    Love your idea about the vegetable GARDEN…………..YOU GO GIRL!

    • As does yours. I love the new do you have and am so happy to have been reading your health is on the mend. I DO follow your blog — I will go there in a minute and see why it says I’m unsubscribed — that is most peculiar! Especially since I get email notifications saying you’ve posted… We will figure it out! Know that above and beyond the blog I adore you and I send you love. And between THE ITALIAN and THE MISTER our hair cutting careers are going nowhere! I, for one, will console myself by cutting my bangs. xoxox

  2. I also love the hair. On my first night in London several months ago, I went out to a local cheese shop that has a little restaurant in the back. Lamb’s Conduit Street (there is an old pub called the Lamb at the bottom, so I guess it’s a kind of conduit to the bar). My waiter was the most impressive twenty-something I’ve ever seen. He had silver white hair just like yours. So you’re right on the pulse of twenty-something fashion. Thank you for the post.

    • Thank you. I don’t know when I went gray because I’ve been dying my hair for so long — but my uncle, in the army air corps in the 1940s went gray at the age of 17! Oh and I am going to put the link to your Byron piece on Medium in the post if that’s okay with you because I think a lot of people would like to read it. Let me know, s’il vous plait. xox

  3. Good to see and read you again! If you find the IG link at the bottom of Sanslartigue you’ll see we’ve been in Mexico, staying away from the hot spot at home, but now seeing Uncle Sam misses us. Our walled compound in the sun sure seems like a better spot, far from the uncertainty of the world. Stay safe and upbeat. Is this an opportunity to finish Book #2 or start #3?

    • It’s an opportunity to start book #3, and if I can figure out plugins and other things it’s an opportunity to read book #2 online. I like the idea of a serial broadcast just for sheer entertainment. So happy to hear you two are enjoying the sun. Stay safe, dear friends. xox

    • Luanne, do good to hear from you! I used to dye it with L’Oreal products, my words of caution — drape a garbage bag or spread newspaper anywhere you might spatter. No matter how careful I was I was always scrubbing away something I only caught sight of days later. xox

  4. Stylish Susie/Vivacious Vickie – what a time to make peopie envious! *winks*
    Here’s hoping your muse illuminates you. Keep blessing the world with your Grace and indomitable Spirit,
    Much Love,
    George K

    • Hello, George! Great to hear from you! I read this about muses, in relation to Sir Isaac Newton, as penned by his assistant about the time of the Great Plague when Newton was sent home to study alone when he was a student at Cambridge. Via the Washington Post:
      “ … Whilst he was musing in a garden it came into his thought that the same power of gravity (which made an apple fall from the tree to the ground) was not limited to a certain distance from the earth but must extend much farther than was usually thought. ‘Why not as high as the Moon?’ said he to himself..”
      Hoping it’s fair enough there for you to be musing in your own garden. Stay safe, xox

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