We live in freaky times


While discussing the lack of certain items in Los Angeles grocery stores, specifically toilet paper, with a friend in New York she said, “I don’t get it, I’m more concerned about my supply of vodka.”

When F. Scott Fitzgerald was in quarantine with Zelda they laid in a month’s worth of hootch and when Hemingway, a virus denier, punched Fitz in the stomach Fitz quipped, “I hope you washed your hands.”

There’s been a lot said recently about how well Isaac Newton dealt with self-isolation when he was sent home from Trinity College during the Great Plague of London and came up with this, F=GMmr2, the mathematical equation that explains his breakthrough theory of gravity.

There will be a lot of breakthroughs as a result of these trying times. In medicine, in social contracts — in spirit.

Speaking of which, a neighbor texted me and suggested the street all stand outside, well apart, at the cocktail-hour to wave and say hi and check in with each other.

I’ll drink to that, to your health!







    • Alfred Cheney Johnston was the photographer — he used a large format glass plate camera (tons of detail from contact prints) and took pictures of the stars of the Ziegfeld Follies, also Mary Pickford, Tallulah Bankhead, Barbara Stanwyck… He started as a portrait painter.

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