Socially distant, spiritually connected

joan–crawfordI’ve seen so many interesting coverings for nose and mouth, none as frilly as this, but I suppose it did keep Ms. Crawford from touching her face.

How are you doing?

I have never made so many pots of chicken soup in my life. It fills my freezer and I text friends in the neighborhood to notify them that I’ve left a block’o-soup at their door for them to defrost in their fridge.

As you know people have been going nuts over toilet paper in California — I sent a friend in NYC a photo of an empty supermarket shelf last week and this Friday what should appear but a FedEx box containing the fabled wipes. I could have cried, but that would have been a waste of precious blotting paper. My friend explained to me that people in New York City haven’t been hoarding because in general they walk to the grocery store or bodega and only buy what they can carry home.

Another friend turned me on to video conferencing this week and some very old friends (including yours truly) are going to start a book club.

Stay well, stay connected, and carry each other in your hearts.


  1. Amazing photos. I love that you are making Chicken soup. You have some very lucky neighbors! There is TP hoarding in NYC- we just can’t load up our SUV’s full. Greed is tempered by logistics. The first sign of coming disaster 3 weeks ago- I saw a man running wild eyed down the middle of Grand street with a shopping cart brimming with toilet paper. He had the hysterical energy perfect for the opening shot of a disaster film. Now I know. If the world is ending- the first sign is that. A human frantically running with as much toilet paper as they can get. The sign humanity is saved- Isle 6 is brimming with all the Charmin, Scott, Angel Soft, Cottonelle, Coronet, Northern, Kirkland, Soft ‘N Gentle, Green Forest, and that single ply stuff a girl could want.

    Please keep the posts coming! We need you!

    • My mom used to tell about being in college in the early 1940s and her parents sending her roast chicken and cake. How did they do that? Maybe there were refrigerator cars on trains… Enjoy the soup! xox

  2. George Kaplan

    A book club! What a topping idea. An excursion into a better world, just as long as one of the books isn’t Stephen King’s The Stand… 😉

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