Be careful out there

pocket hvac maskA wonderful friend made me a mask (two really, one to wash and one to wear). I took apart an HVAC allergen filter, cut it to fit, and placed two layers of the filter in the sewn-in pocket. According to the Washington Post that makes this homemade mask in the range of an N95 in terms of protection, not forgetting to wash hands and maintain social distance. Pretty boss, yes?

So, I donned a pair of gardening gloves, perched my spectacles on my nose (somewhat precariously, I admit) and headed to the market. There I followed my list for seven meals, tucked my basket in a quiet corner, walked down the aisles clocking where everyone was in my vicinity. Soon I spotted an empty aisle and seeing my objective I bent to retrieve a jar of hoisin sauce from a very low shelf… As I leaned forward off flew my glasses. They skittered across the floor. Not at all hygienic.  I thought for a moment about the chain of transmission, fresh virus laden droplets coming into contact with a mucous membrane. Unless I licked my glasses and someone very short had sneezed directly onto the floor within the last few moments exactly where my glassed dropped I was going to be fine.

And in case you’re wondering I cleaned them with germicidal wipes as soon as I was able and when I got home it was right into sudsy hot water.

Be careful out there, be well, be connected.

Sending you Sunday cyber-hugs.



  1. Oooh, I’ve got a furnace filter from our old furnace that doesn’t fit the new one! I’ll have to see what I can do to fit pieces into our DIY no-sew masks 😷
    be safe 😉

    • Yes, make sure to encapsulate it in cloth so you don’t inhale any very small fibers — and make sure it doesn’t contain any fiberglass. Filtrete filters from 3M are good.

      • Turns out it’s polyester, and is reinforced with a metal chicken wire, so it might help shape the mask around my nose. I’ll let you know 🤔


    SO PRETTY!!!!
    MY friend has made us MASKS TOO……..should be here TOMORROW!
    CUTE STORY………..I’m sure your fine!!

    • Thank you, love! Yours are all the colors of the garden. Stay well in your beautiful bower. Although I did see you did some major pruning 😉 it will fill in nicely as it warms up. xox

  3. George Kaplan

    Stand and deliver, your money or your life!
    I have been wearing a scarf folded twice over my mouth when I go to the SUPERMARCHÉ; yesterday however I managed to breathe in stray fibres…while in a queue. I strove mightily not to enter a cough and spluttering fit, impossible to do when your throat has closed to a pinhole around the invading matter! There I was social-distancing when I start to choke; I thought I was going to get attacked. ;)Strangely, drinking much of a small bottle of Mountain Dew is not very efficacious in treating throat spasms! Keep safe, lady.

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