I wrote a book, and then I recorded it…

The idea occurred to me while reading aloud that I could keep in touch with my podcast listening loved ones far from home if I’d buy a microphone and get off my duff. This, by the way, is the view from my window. To the north are the hills, to the west is the Pacific, if I stand on the bed I can watch fireworks on the horizon going off above Dodger Stadium (pre-pandemic). This is where I dream and pile books by the bed and sometimes, if I’m lucky, when I close my eyes whole chapters of a novel will play out like a movie while I snooze. If you’d like to join me on a very personalized, somewhat fictionalized, tour of Hollywood I cordially invite you to listen to the podcast.

A friend who previewed every one of 10 hours of the audio novel said this, “You’re the only person I know who can get Joan Crawford, the scientific explanation of Quintessence, menopause, and Hollywood Studio machinations into the same story.” Dear readers, I certainly did try!

Starting on this Saturday, whether you listen on a commute, on a walk, while making dinner, or before you go to sleep at night, my wish for you is hours of amusement. Times are hard, the least I thought I could do is tell you a story. Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch.


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