Episode 2 Hollywood & Mine


Late in the summer following my sophomore year, I was living in the Beverly Hills home of a blonde former figure skater. This photogenic darling of Orange County had risen from championship skating to spokesperson at Knudsen’s Dairy to management. She married an actor (of sorts) and from there hopped over to a full-time job at Fox. She had met Mr. Major Movie Star on a commercial promoting California cheese, which was arguably a metaphor for something. He brought home considerable bacon (more even than she, who could not claim to be poorly recompensed for her tireless efforts to assist the studio in the decline of cultural conversation, broadcast journalism, and perhaps even civilization itself). Accruing this unseemly sum of money replaced domestic responsibility, on both their parts. Hence I found myself hired to take care of Ms. Suit and Mr. Star’s children, Isabel and Andrew.

That’s from chapter 1, chapter 2 is up tomorrow.

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