Episode 10. “I was all right in the long shots, but when it came to close-ups, sustained emotion was beyond me.”

“You know my mom and dad came out to visit me when I was on that first movie. I took them to set, Grauman’s Chinese, Max Factor’s. We looked at every little bitty star on Hollywood Boulevard and had hot fudge sundaes at C.C. Brown’s. The day they came to see me at work, oh my. Cooper had this girl hangin’ around wearing some kind of white-bra, kind a short-playsuit thing with a black leather jacket on top and ankle high stiletto boots. Said he wanted to get her a line so she could get Taft-Hartleyed.”

“One minute, Taft-Hartleyed?”

“If you get a line on a movie — kinda spontaneously because all of a sudden they need someone in a role they never thought of before, or thought to cast most likely — then you get Taft-Hartleyed. It’s a labor law. And you can get into SAG.”

“Ah. And everybody wants their SAG card.”

“So they can get residuals. Yes. Anyway, my mama took one look at that outfit and she told me, in no uncertain terms, that Mr. Daniels was consortin’ with the kind of caricature of a woman that a gay man dates before he finally figures out he likes boys.”


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