Episode 34. Life is the past, the present, and the perhaps.

“Do you know the Mayo Clinic lists menopause under diseases and conditions? What do you think of that?”

“Well, I know it’s not contagious.” He sat down beside me. “Jesus, this is hard on my knees.”

“Sorry about that, old-timer. Cooper, I am not pissed off.”

“Then what’s with the face?”

“This old thing?” He laughed. “Did I ever tell you about when I was nineteen? When I was working for the Taylors?”

“You worked for them?”

“I was the nanny.”


“Shut up!”

“I never knew you were their nanny.”

“I guess I never told you.”

“I was going to say we should go for a drive, catch up, and you could charge your phone in the car, but I don’t think I can get up for a while. Why don’t you tell me now?”

“God. It seems like a million years ago. I came out here from Boston and it was like I’d landed on an alien world. Everything was brighter, so much brighter, more dramatic. The Taylors made me feel like I was living on a movie set.”

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