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January 15, 2021 /

Honey, you’re looking great. What an ordeal this has been. Four years culminating in… Hold on. We’ve made it this far. Let’s step into the light. In a few short days things will start to change. My aim in podcasting my novel has been to entertain until that change comes.…

November 26, 2020 /

Listen my angels, it’s been a hell of a year. On this Thanksgiving I wish you happiness and peace and hope. And most of all — I wish you love.  

November 21, 2020 /
July 2, 2019 /

  And it’s not only people that make my heart flutter…so can a beautiful building, or the angle of light on a linen pillow case… That said, I have been taking a long break from blogging, working on the new novel and refining my 1924 Spanish Revival home. Household maintenance…

February 1, 2018 /
September 29, 2017 /
August 30, 2017 /
July 18, 2017 /
April 2, 2017 /

In the living room, sitting side-by-side with the Mister, I noticed he was enraptured by his smart phone. I remarked that studies had shown infants (whose parents were always checking in digitally) weren’t developing language skills, emotional recognition, or social bonds as quickly as previous generations; because their parents weren’t…