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Aldous Huxley, The Art of Fiction No. 24, Paris Review Interviewed by Raymond Fraser, George Wickes It is rather odd to find Aldous Huxley in a suburb of Los Angeles called Hollywood. He lives in an unpretentious hilltop house that suggests the Tudor period of American real-estate history. On a…

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Designed by John De Laurio for real estate developer Patrick M. Longan and completed in 1926: . . The history: Castillo del Lago: Bugsy Siegel’s Former House, and Madonna’s Too | Under the Hollywood Sign. The Pykta version: Photography and Website by Richard Horn – Negative Altitude Photography.

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Forgiveness, I blame the horrible pun on a tenacious headache. The Castle has a John Lautner guest house and Mr. Moby likes his architecture, hence a blog: Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog. And, the castle has a really nice view – when I was a kid I used to skirt…