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May 2, 2015 /

Oh, my darlings — you must click on the great big letters at the bottom of this post and let Ms. Harrington regale you with the details of this diet. She is wonderfully funny! By Rebecca Harrington In the thirties, famously reclusive actress Greta Garbo met self-described “doctor of natural…

November 7, 2014 /

…Edmund Goulding, the director, invited me for a weekend at his desert retreat above Palm Springs. I arrived hot and dusty after a long drive and Goulding pointed the way to his swimming pool in the palm trees below. “Go and cool off,” he ordered. As I neared the pool…

October 14, 2014 /
September 23, 2014 /

After recent events I’ve been keeping to myself. I too, seem to be ensconced on the sofa. But instead of my hands being genteelly folded in my lap, they are skittering over this keyboard. I have draped myself here in a manner most regal, I do not like to be…

May 20, 2014 /

I’m halfway through “It’s in His Kiss”