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January 12, 2016 /
January 5, 2016 /

I dream of toast. My favorite beverage is tea. The Mister gave me this photo in the beginning of our relationship, and I have loved him ever since. If you want the nitty-gritty details of my background click here: About Want to hear the glorious Pippa Rathborne read my novel…

November 13, 2015 /

I caught my first glimmer of love when I was three. It happened in October; brilliant azure skies punctuated by palm trees, bags filled with candy, pumpkins on doorsteps. I was barreling through the house, as fast as my short little legs would carry me, looking for something to eat,…

August 9, 2015 /

Catherine Nichols has found that submitting her manuscript under a male pseudonym brought her more than eight times the number of responses she had received under her own name. “It’s assumed that women writers will not write anything important – anything truly serious or necessary, revelatory or wise.” “Our work…

June 14, 2015 /
May 23, 2015 /
May 19, 2015 /
May 17, 2015 /

Oh babies you know the story, but for those who don’t, a short recap. Once upon a time Vickie Lester had agents who turned down one publishing deal and proposed another with a small indie firm that sounded just right. So, the wheels were in motion as 2013 turned into…

May 17, 2015 /