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January 24, 2015 /

In 1924 Betty Bronson was chosen to play Peter Pan on film by the author J.M. Barrie – other contenders for the role were Mary Pickford and Gloria Swanson. Here the elfin actress leaps to the window, directed by Herbert Brenon and photographed by James Wong Howe.

October 11, 2014 /

“I was glamorous because of magicians like George J. Folsey, James Wong Howe, Oliver Marsh, Ray June, and all those other great cinematographers. I trusted those men and the other experts who made us beautiful. The rest of it I didn’t give a damn about. I didn’t fuss about my…

September 11, 2012 /

Leon Shamroy  РOscar for color cinematography: . . James Wong Howe РOscar for black and white cinematography: . . Winners with Jimmy Stewart at the 1964 awards ceremony: .