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An Aid to Concentration | Read, Seen, Heard. I want to highlight this fabulous gentleman (not the guy pictured above) and one of my favorite sites — visual puns, beauty, history — he’s got it all. Kihm Winship lives, works, walks and writes in Skaneateles, N.Y. An unfocused generalist, his…

December 17, 2013 /

E. M. Forster, in his 1927 book “Aspects of the Novel,” presented the concept of “round” versus “flat” characters. He generally preferred the former to the latter except when the purpose was to arouse feelings of “humour” or “appropriateness,” maintaining that flat characters, comprised of a single idea or “factor,”…

July 9, 2013 /

Booking A Show Adapting a book for the screen isn’t easy. No, really, don’t laugh at the obviousness of that statement! It isn’t. A screenwriter (okay, this is Hollywood we’re talking about…is there a word for a group of scripters, perhaps a Scribe of Sceenwriters?!) has to find the essence…

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