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December 4, 2013 /

“I name my wife: Gala, Galushka, Gradiva; Oliva, for the oval shape of her face and the colour of her skin; Oliveta, diminutive for Olive; and its delirious derivatives Oliueta, Oriueta, Buribeta, Buriueteta, Suliueta, Solibubuleta, Oliburibuleta, Ciueta, Liueta. I also call her Lionette, because when she gets angry she roars…

April 6, 2013 /
January 20, 2013 /

George Bellows – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jack Dempsey – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

January 20, 2013 /

Bellows was renowned for his dramatic painting style. Dempsey, like Lindbergh and the Babe, was an icon of his era. Sketch by George Bellows of Dempsey knocked out of the boxing ring: This is a photo of Dempsey working out: A portrait of a young boxer: Study of Dempsey’s shoulders…

January 20, 2013 /

The Met is displaying the works of the Ashcan School titan: George Bellows. The Metropolitan Museum of Art – George Bellows. Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Ángel Firpo, September 14, 1923, The Polo Grounds, NYC Watch Dempsey knocked out of the ring by Firpo at about 1:50:

August 20, 2012 /

Ms. Diller, a 37-year-old homemaker when she took up comedy, mined her domestic life for material, assuring audiences that she fed Fang and her kids garbage soup and buried her ironing in the backyard. She exuded an image that was part Wicked Witch of the West (a role she actually…