Tag: Peter Sellers

June 30, 2013 /

Poppets, we finally saw, “Star Trek Into Darkness”. And, besides the whiz-bang-doing-the-backstroke-through-my-gallon-sized-MEDIUM-coke, and clutching Mr. Lester’s hand at regular intervals, I had a wonderful time. The highpoint of the experience for me was seeing Production Designer, Scott Chambliss’, deep bow to the master, Ken Adam. If ever we meet, Mister,…

June 3, 2013 /

Scheduled for release by Columbia Pictures in early fall, Dr. Strangelove is being shot in England, it was explained, to accommodate Peter Sellers, who was unable to leave the country for domestic reasons. In addition to the President, the protean Sellers also plays the title role of a German scientist,…

February 17, 2013 /

This is a set model – it’s hanging just above eye level in the gallery. Shooting on the set:

February 17, 2013 /