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May 27, 2014 /

“Have you met my significant other?” Anne shook her head, expecting him to introduce a strapping young man, possibly, most likely, in the acting profession. Instead he blew a kiss to a taught, angular woman in her late sixties / early seventies wrapped in an Indonesian sarong. She smiled serenely.…

May 21, 2014 /
May 19, 2014 /
May 18, 2014 /

Congratulations to my friend Vickie Lester on her first book! Amazing! And addicted to her blog: Beguiling Hollywood. – “I’ve got my copy too!” Oh boy! My book is bi-coastal, or as Bryan Singer would say, “Quite bi-coastal…” –

May 18, 2014 /

*** There is a new reading epidemic in California this Summer. L.A.P.D. are seeking a Book Pushing Kingpin (Queenpin) known only as Vickie L, or Miss Vickie, she is described as a little over 5ft tall with mesmerizing eyes and a wily Pixie Face. Police warn that she is extremely…

May 10, 2014 /
April 29, 2014 /

Let’s imagine we’re Mister Lester… Why! I feel so tall all of a sudden! Back to reality here. The Mister does stand about a head taller than me, but I’ve never seen him in eyeliner. I’m not saying it’s bad—I remember a performance by Keanu Reeves as Siddhartha in “Little…

April 23, 2014 /
April 21, 2014 /