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INTERVIEWER: E. M. Forster speaks of his major characters sometimes taking over and dictating the course of his novels. Has this ever been a problem for you, or are you in complete command? NABOKOV: My knowledge of Mr. Forster’s works is limited to one novel, which I dislike; and anyway,…

September 28, 2014 /

INTERVIEWER: I was reading the confessions of a novelist on writing novels: “If you want to be true to reality, start lying about it.” What do you think? JOHN CHEEVER: Rubbish. For one thing the words “truth” and “reality” have no meaning at all unless they are fixed in a…

September 28, 2014 /

INTERVIEWER: Why don’t writers like to talk about what they’re working on? TOBIAS WOLFF: Writers are superstitious. I don’t mean knock on wood, throw salt over the shoulder—let me try to explain. I began this whole writing enterprise with the idea that you go to work in the morning like…