Hollywood scribes split. Team torn asunder, etc.

Here’s the scoop: married fresh out of USC this pair of screenwriters turned their youth and acerbic wit into box office gold. That was thirty years ago. Well into their fifties their interests diverged, to a certain extent, they both had started to direct; he historical dramas, she romantic comedies.

While they both had the same pat answer for their divorce, those in the know were aware he (fueled by Viagra) was keeping a contemporary of his college-aged daughter in an apartment off Beachwood and she (fueled by insecurity) was contemplating her second facelift. She didn’t get the surgery, but it turns out he did. I’ll spare you the gory details but it involved a chemically induced erection. Nuff said.

She was recently seen on set directing her second (I assume) smash hit, and he has retired to Carmel to play golf.  It turns out the only magic he could conjure post split was an internship for his ex-paramour on Access Hollywood

One comment

  1. George Kaplan

    Mm. Although some of the details differ, this sounds like Charles Shyer and Nancy Meyers. A little trip to IMDB confirms they divorced, and Shyer obviously had a hit with the Jack Nicholson/Diane Keaton romantic comedy (not the hateful word “romcom” please). I wonder…
    It seems that you were sometimes deliciously naughty in these earlier posts. Wicked. I like it…

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