Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered…

As the millennium was about to turn a high rolling actor, after two chaste dates with someone very near and dear to my heart, invited her back East to meet his parents. You know, a girl takes an invitation like that quite seriously. (Although, she might not have been the sharpest knife in the drawer regarding his very gentlemanly demeanor.)

The pair checked into a lovely hotel suite, not far from the actor’s childhood home. It was graced with a living room and a single king sized bed. My friend had visions of the weekend turning into something like that pictured above. Yet, as their last night unfolded and she snuggled up against him – oh so much more than suggestively – he gave her a peck on the forehead and said, “Don’t be silly, dear”

After their return home to Hollywood, and two weeks of radio silence, the actor called and inquired if my friend would accompany him to a premiere. To which she replied… “Don’t be silly, dear”.

Why people do people still engage in this backward rigamarole? Box office. Name me one openly gay American movie star and I’ll show you an actor who isn’t working. Sad… and completely ridiculous… but true.

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  1. August 22, 2012

    Sad and completely ridiculous, indeed. Great post!

  2. September 16, 2012

    Oh that just frosts my buns! Well don’t get me started on the Hollywood closet. I will just give you a quote from my spiritual Mother and that will do for now, “If it weren’t for Homosexuals, there would be no Hollywood.” Elizabeth Taylor.

    • September 16, 2012

      Dame Elizabeth got that right!!!

  3. George Kaplan
    April 2, 2013

    It’s a great shame that this still goes on. I know there are still a lot of bigots around but I can’t believe b.o. would take the dive that studios and closeted actors believe, even for heartthrobs. Ian McKellen hasn’t lacked for work. If only some brave soul would take the plunge. Fans don’t become less so if a favoured actress/actor gets married. That’s not how “love”, any kind of love works even “love” (or Love or lurv) for a performer, so don’t think gayness would make a difference either. The heart wants what the heart wants! And fans are fans. Who cares about private lives?!
    “Don’t be silly, dear”. Ouch. Serves him right, silly selfish man.

    • April 2, 2013

      It’s peculiar – but very, very, apropos. While a lot, A LOT, of middle-aged to older actors are “out” in the film community they are not known to be out in public. It’s only the younger actors who are willing to be who they are and acknowledge their sexuality – and be comfortable and proud of who they are.

  4. George Kaplan
    April 2, 2013

    But no “big stars” as yet. Not “out” out, if that makes sense. I’m assuming there must be at least a few, considering the great number of talented gay performers and artists (not that all stars are over-burdened with talent, says cynical puss!)? I’m guessing you’d know oh oracle?!

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