This week’s guest, a thirty-year veteran behind the scenes, offers a word of caution (actually several words). Mark ye well:

In Hollywood it’s always the movement UP that is considered positive. “Climbing the ladder.” “The sky’s the limit.” “A rising star.” “It’s gone through the roof.”

But, a warning on your ascent aspiring stars of cinema. Please be mindful that gravity’s rainbow is always there to pull you back. Always remember = the higher you fly, the further you’ll fall. And, on the downward decent there is rarely someone there to catch you. (Note: your agent did not sign on to attend Betty Ford and hold your hand for three months.)

Don’t let the bright lights of Hollywood ‘blind you’!

Rick A. West – Gaffer (Be wary, this is the man who can light you to look like a prune or a veritable god/goddess on camera. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so, ducklings!)

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