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July 17, 2014 / / Architecture

That’s me last week, considering the posts of yesterday it’s pretty evident my hairstyle is deeply influenced by my natal decade… Although, I’ve never gotten the eyeliner thing down. Mr. L and I have discussed going short and silver (children avert your eyes) and the very notion has been dubbed…

May 10, 2014 / / Advertising
February 6, 2014 / / Advertising

*** Please click on the lovely red letters… which will whisk you to exciting places: Book 1 | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD. All things glorious, thanks to: how to stay sane in a crazy world | by sophia stuart.

February 5, 2014 / / Advertising
March 10, 2013 / / Art
May 3, 2012 / / Culture

This week’s guest, a thirty-year veteran behind the scenes, offers a word of caution (actually several words). Mark ye well: In Hollywood it’s always the movement UP that is considered positive. “Climbing the ladder.” “The sky’s the limit.” “A rising star.” “It’s gone through the roof.” But, a warning on…