Okay my darlings, I too am sitting at a device that conveys words into world, drinking a cup of coffee… But I would say the element I lack in my yoga pants and husband’s T-shirt is glamour (and a Marcel Wave).


  1. And do you have a cigarette? What was interesting that a lot of the actresses you featured recently had similar faces. (Garbo, Harlow, Dietrich, etc).

    I went back as far as your Jane Russell pic which was fascinating. My father used to think she looked like my mother or the other way round. But she looks nothing like her on that pic. I’ll have to scan in an old photo of my mother doing her 50s Hollywood look 😀

    Where do you get these glorious pix? Especially avoiding copyright infringement.

      • I think mine is an imperial – came from my great-uncle (also a newspaper reporter like me). I wanted to leave it out as a posey display object but it would only get dusty so it sits sadly in its case.

    • Then, like now, there was a desired look. The similarities come from makeup, applied (as a friend of mine would say) with a trowel. At any rate, it was a better system then the laser, the scalpel, or the odd injections of pathogens or bovine proteins. Ugh. If you see old pictures of these gals with scrubbed faces they’re as unique as you or me.

      • Actually I was looking at the bone/facial structure. There are some extremely well-defined cheekbones *dashes off to mirror to look at own*. Oh dear that was a bad move. I’ve also lost my thread being depressed by not having beautiful cheekbones.

        I did have a friend with German ancestry who had interesting ones, but they were actually too wide.

        You are right about fashions or images of the time. Look at the photos on your blog and todays images – the difference in hair is amazing.

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