On set with Doug Liman:

On set with Alfred Hitchock:



  1. Hi there, I have a question : yesterday I watched a film “The Girl (TV 2012)” which talks about Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren, wonder if this is a true account? Hitchcock was terrible in the film!

    • Yes, unfortunately Hitchcock was cruel, inappropriate, and obsessed. Now there are stricter regulations protecting actors – but I’ve still heard stories of wildly incorrect behavior. Maybe it’s a good thing everyone these days has a handy camera in their phone 😉

  2. Mommie dearest? Daddy darling? I just knew I was the illegitimate child of movie stars. Oh wait … Lombard was long gone when I was born…and Brad and Angelina are way too young…oh wait I know… Elizabeth and Monty that winter up at Tahoe filming “A Place In The Sun’….no wait that doesn’t work… Um… Let me figure it out. Back to you later on who my movie star parents were.

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