I thought I recognized one of my father’s friends in this picture from 1968. But, who did I spy in the right hand lower corner but director Doug Liman? Betcha you didn’t know he was a time traveler…

One of his films in the pipeline, “Everest”, about George Mallory’s ascent of the mighty mountain I find particularly fascinating.

1968 new year's eve sunset strip

A bona fide image from 1968, and…

Doug Liman

a picture that’s a lot more recent. You be the judge.

Or, perhaps he’s immortal 😉

Doug Liman in a hoodie circa 1940?


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One Comment

  1. George Kaplan
    April 2, 2013

    Ha! Is Everest actually getting made? I’d like to see that, it’s a good story. Isn’t Tom Hardy attached? I know Doug Liman’s helmed that All You Need Is Kill (That title. Ouch) thing with Cruise, which could be up his alley. One thing I’d like to know is if a particular actor he’s worked with quite some time ago is as druggy and zonked as he looks! (tho’ I don’t think he looked like that then. He is now a regular in comedies…) These are the things that keep me up at night!

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