Is where they put the television, media center, whatever you want to call it… I know couples who have fought about it for years. Intimately. They would be named – let’s just say Mr. and Mrs. Lester.

Mr. lives by the motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which means the old behemoth of a TV with a 30″ screen and a depth of 40″ which juts into the room like a sinking, rusted, hulking freighter in all it’s gun metal grey glory – is perfectly fine.

Mrs. thinks elements of a room should be integrated. After many years of praising the new slim lined TV design Mrs. got her way – like an ancient ocean beating against a cliff – Mr’s. resolve crumbled into a nice malleable pile of sand.

The funny thing is, when Mr. and Mrs. stepped into a new era of home entertainment, they were shocked to find they had to adjust the picture on their LED LCD wonder to prehistoric levels. That is, they couldn’t take the high res imagery that made every thing look like a video game or a soap opera. Now everything on television is nice and blurry, just like it used to be.

house b


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