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April 2, 2017 /

In the living room, sitting side-by-side with the Mister, I noticed he was enraptured by his smart phone. I remarked that studies had shown infants (whose parents were always checking in digitally) weren’t developing language skills, emotional recognition, or social bonds as quickly as previous generations; because their parents weren’t…

September 15, 2015 /
August 21, 2015 /
December 11, 2014 /
November 27, 2014 /

Once my friend prepared a casserole dish of potatoes au gratin to bake at my house and it sloshed in her car and for weeks it smelled like baby puke, until she took it to a specialty cleaner…the kind that cleans up crime scenes. True story! A long time ago,…

September 30, 2014 /

– The Mister had to do a complicated reboot to his computer last night because it’s been giving him troubles. Part of the process was an overnight download that he would only know worked when he woke in the morning. – It appeared to have worked and then I heard…

September 10, 2014 /
September 10, 2014 /

  Someone flies this way today—well not all this way—just about as far as Ann Arbor from Arles. What’s the happy occasion? Mom is getting married to a wonderful man. We, here at Beguiling, wish everyone joy, true love, and heart’s content.