Meteor shards hit Russia after explosion in the sky – video | World news |

The Tunguska Event – 1908

1938 ragout


Hollywood pales in comparison.

And as scientists tried to piece together the chain of events that led to Friday’s disaster — on the very day a small asteroid passed close to Earth — residents of Chelyabinsk were left to grapple with memories that seemed to belong in science fiction.

“I opened the window from surprise — there was such heat coming in, as if it were summer in the yard, and then I watched as the flash flew by and turned into a dot somewhere over the forest,” wrote Darya Frenn, a blogger. “And in several seconds there was an explosion of such force that the window flew in along with its frame, the monitor fell, and everything that was on the desk.”

“God forbid you should ever have to experience anything like this,” she wrote.

via Meteor Fragments Rain Down on Siberia – Hundreds of Injuries Reported –

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  1. George Kaplan
    February 15, 2013

    Yay! The Tunguska Event – was it a meteor or was it *aliens*?!
    It was a meteor. Ha.

    • February 15, 2013

      I think Tesla did it 😉

  2. George Kaplan
    February 15, 2013

    I always blame Tesla! He turned up in the Christopher Nolan film The Prestige played by none other than the Man Who Fell To Earth, David Bowie!

  3. March 19, 2013

    Well if it is not -The End of The World- Hollywood will provide us with one.Oh Dear I almost forgot Hollywood already has many times.

    • March 19, 2013

      In the States it’s spurred a buying wave of dashboard cameras!

  4. March 19, 2013

    You know what, already the myth maker conspiracy mongers are weaving tall tales about this one.I will give them one thing-they may be insane, but they are nothing if not creative.What really bothers me is they have accesss to guns and have clearly handed in their sanity at the door.

    • March 19, 2013

      I can’t even begin to… What was it if not a meteor?

      • March 19, 2013

        I believe some are saying already that it was a spacecraft or it was a meteor, but the aliens saved us.Much of this sort of thing seems to come from so called channelled messages from planet Nutso.

      • March 19, 2013

        What perfectly lovely aliens – and to think they didn’t even drop in for a cup of tea.

  5. March 19, 2013

    Now Tesla is always a good one to blame.I feel a conspiracy myth making moment coming on.Ah yes Tesla is still alive a living in The Hollow Earth and helping Hitler with his new plans to rule the World.If I were wicked enough I would start my own crazy stories sit back and watch them spread.

    • March 19, 2013

      Tesla! You know, I can’t tell you how many film projects have been in development about him – but have come to nothing.

      • March 20, 2013

        Its such a shame.He was a really interesting character.Such a shame also that his life and work has become something of a magnet for assorted crazies in recent years.It really does him no justice.Interesting I never knew that there were any prospective films about him.

      • March 20, 2013

        The last one I heard of, and I hope I’m remembering correctly, was proposed by Christopher Nolan… I think… It sounds like a good fit, anyway!

      • March 20, 2013

        Yes tea would have been a fine and civilized idea.I would supply the cups they could supply the saucers.

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