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August 28, 2017 /

I write these posts all too often as catastrophe strikes, and it’s heart breaking. Here’s how you can help those in need. Donate to the Red Cross. Mission Statement The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and…

August 6, 2016 /

Hello kittens, I thought I’d show you this – La Miniatura – draped off in tarps against the weather. Talk about maintenance! The house was originally commissioned by a rare book dealer… Paper… Water… Paper… Anything wrong here? As a follow up to the previous post (in a round about…

June 23, 2016 /
January 23, 2016 /
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September 12, 2015 /

This is a picture one of my older brothers texted me on Friday moments before he got a mandatory evacuation order as the western side of the Sierras went up in flames. He said it was getting difficult to breathe. Both my brothers live in the area. If you look…

June 18, 2015 /