RN-VON-1Designed by Richard J. Neutra and completed in 1935. It was called the bathtub house.

photo by shulman sternberg house

The photo above is by Julius Shulman. The photo below is by Burton Burt.

photo burton burt j. von sternberg house


  1. I’m looking at the pictures and in the first one, I’m saying, “Is that a moat??” Then of course the second picture comes up and I’m all, “It IS a moat!!” By the time the 3rd picture came up, I’m sitting here nodding my head and saying, “That is so COOL!” I think the moat kind of distracted me from the house a little. lol Great pictures and what a land mark!

  2. Fortunately for us in the UK Ayn Rand means absolutely nothing.I happen to know about only because of the rather odd association between her ideas and the late American bodybuilder Mike Menzer who was either a genuis or bonkers or possibly both.We had instead the intensely lovely Margaret somebody or other who held high political office.From what I have read of Dear Ayn she and the lovely Margaret would have formed an instant friendship.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that it was torn down.Hard to imagine that a better building would have been built on the site.Over here buildings of that period and even some truly awful sixties ones have preservation orders slapped on them.

  4. I have enjoyed very much your postings on buildings.I hope that you will feature the Frank Lloyd Wright house that Ramon Navarro once lived in.Many people think that his dreadful murder of 1968 happened there, whilst in fact it was at another house in Laural Canyon.
    I would like to see featured also- Ennis House – by the same architect ,notable for providing the exterior shots for the Vincent Price 1959 classic- The House On Haunted Hill.The same house was used in other well known films such as Blade Runner,Day Of The Locust and quite a few more.It was also used in the Buffy the Vampite Slayer TV series{I had no idea of that one}

    Finally just in passing Frank Lloyd Wright has another filmic association-he designed the castle and 12th century village sets for Douglas Fairbanks version of Robin Hood.

  5. Thank you Vickie-how did I miss those?I have posted a few comments in the process of looking at some of the rather lovely pictures.
    Glad that you were interested in Fairbanks version of Robin Hood.I found the information on Wiki with regard to that.
    I believe that Ramons Wright house has now been refurbished and sold.I have also found a tour of the house prior to refurbishment on the net.

    • The Ramon Novarro house was refurbished by Diane Keaton, who is very big on the local scene here for architectural preservation.

      I am going to contact a friend of mine who has some material on the 1922 Robin Hood and see if he’ll let me scan it for the weblog – I am fascinated by what you told me! Thank you.

  6. Damn I double posted.Yes I suppose he was an Objectivist.Whether his death was linked to steroids or not it is hard to say and we will probably never know.He died very suddenly and was often said to have mental health problems and substance abuse issues.His brother also a bodybuilder was dead a few days after him.

    Unfortunately dead bodybuilders tell no tales although tales may often be told about them.He famously is supposed not to have liked Arnold S and is supposed to have come to near blows with him.

    At his height of bodybuilding glory he had a very good physique and looked impressive but far less the monster than todays very bloated bodybuilders do.

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