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Here, poppets, is a photo of Miss Dietrich in a mouton coat and hat – just in case you were wondering what mouton is… Mother: More solid than the ground under your feet when you are little, more solid than a rock when you need to lean, and harder than…

December 6, 2015 /

Bullock’s Wilshire was the first department store designed to accommodate the car. Huge artfully dressed windows faced the street to attract traffic and the entrance was in the back under a porte-cochere where liveried attendants parked your Nash or Packard. Architects John and Donald Parkinson – built 1929 – architectural…

November 22, 2015 /

  Marlene Dietrich’s Zabaglione “Mix three yolks of eggs with three tablespoons of sugar until the mixture is creamy and whitish. Then add a bit more than half a cup of Marsala wine. Mix. In a double boiler beat the mixture with an eggbeater till it rises. Do not boil…

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