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  1. April 8, 2013

    Dearest V
    A rather splendid structure that brings to mind fairy tale castles as much as anything else.
    So pleased this is one that’s left standing!
    Enjoy your day today….
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • April 9, 2013

      It’s in a beautiful neighborhood, surrounded by scariness — had a very, very, good day yesterday. Thank you!

  2. April 8, 2013

    Good Morning, Pretty Lady!
    It’s nice to know this is still standing, ah, but is it being cared for? That’s the question.

    • April 9, 2013

      It is — and it’s in an area that because of its location you wouldn’t want to live but a lot of schools and organizations have taken over the buildings, like the Doheny mansion, and the houses are being beautifully preserved.

  3. April 8, 2013

    I’d call it Monstera Deliciosa 😀 or should it be monstrum delectamentum?

    • April 9, 2013

      I actually know what Monstera Deliciosa is because I was considering planting it in my yard – and I also know a bit of trivia: breadfruit was one of things the Bounty was gathering in Tahiti. Now the other, delicious monster??? But, I have no memory of how that Latin should be parsed!

      • April 9, 2013

        It’s an ‘in’ joke- I have a thing for these sorts of houses. I call them delicious monstrosities because they break absolutely every single rule of classical design :D.I find it brave and strangely attractive.

      • April 9, 2013

        Brave and strangely attractive – you make me wish I were a real estate agent. Oh, I would love to put that in a listing description!

  4. April 8, 2013

    Yes a fairytale castle.Why cant I have one?The tower portions also remind me of the Oast Houses of Kent,many of which have been converted into very expensive houses.For the benefit of those for the term Oast House is unfamiliar they were structures in country districts built to dry hops from which beer would be made.Kent was one of the prime growing areas for hops.

    I have even seen some modern houses built in such a way as to simulate a real Oast House and quite convincingly to.

    • April 9, 2013

      I betcha that fairytale castle is a chore to maintain. Oast or toast house – that’s how I remembered they had kilns in them to dry the grain to make the beer… 😉

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