1. George Kaplan

    Jeepers. Now, *that’s* a mansion! I wonder how long it took to design, build, and decorate that place. Just look at the second and third pictures… Is this the same mansion used in Being There – one of my favourite movies?
    “In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree” 🙂

    • The Fenyes (she, a painter – he, a doctor) sold it in 1915 and it was burned to the ground in 1917 (arson) for the insurance money by the new owner. The Fenyes built another house which is now a museum in Pasadena.

      Being There was shot at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina – built by some old Vanderbilt named George 😉

  2. George Kaplan

    A-ha! I must look those things up… Fascinating stories “LOST Pasadena”, the clue’s in the title! I’ve read about the other mansion, the museum but only vaguely, crossed wires. Haven’t seen Being There in an age, misremembering something else I read.
    Old George Vanderbilt, another curious George… (if you think that pun is bad I was going to write of Vanderbilt “the Gloria that was George” which doesn’t even make sense 😉 ) Really V, I love your knowledge. I would take some pictures of where I live but it’d be like comparing diamond to cubic zirconia or diamond to dirt!
    My two favourite tags of the day : “Alhambrian” and “Peacock”…

  3. Lovely.I think that it is very Moorish in its influences.I am a great fan of Middle Eastern,architecture,music,art,literature etc.I love old Middle Eastern coins with their beautiful calligraphy.

    This arm chair traveller has been stunned by the wonders of Persias{I do not use the ugly word Iran} Isfahan.

    At various places in Britain Middle Eastern influences have from time to time emerged.One fantasical example is the palace built by the Prince Regent in Brighton, Sussex, England and called The Royal Pavilion.It is both completely over the top and completely wonderful.There are a numberr of stunning pictures of it in the snow.

  4. Woweee!
    Like a Moorish riff on Brighton’s Royal Pavilion.
    Now that’s the kind of pad I can imagine being quite comfortable in… I have the babouches already.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  5. I think every Dandy should have their own Palace of Delight.Brighton is just the place for Dandies
    Regency or otherwise to hang out when they are not at Bath

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