1942 Horst Marlene Dietrich New York


    • What’s interesting is that Horst had displayed the image like this, and in reverse. He must have found it a little spellbinding, too. I hope it’s cooler in Arles than in LA – we’re smack in the middle of a heat wave.

      • I can’t begin to imagine the image in reverse. As it is you fall right into it…or at least into that slightly parted open mouth…which is a huge part of the appeal, non? She always seemed so tightly controlled in her imagery, this is such a change.
        We are still in the perfect weather zone Vickie but I am sorry to hear of your heat wave. Although you do have the modern convenience of air-conditioning…
        PS. And ouch is right, Mr. Kaplan!

      • That’s an interesting observation, the expression on her face is neither sly, or flirty, (least I don’t think so) what I see is vulnerability. Well spotted.

  1. George Kaplan

    I second Heather about the face. Horst’s use of light on Marlene’s visage is spellbinding, like the casting of a glamour. I love the pose, too; such sensual power.
    Ah, Wizard of Oz references, I’m a sucker for them. The wonderful Glinda with the dress sense (c’mon, you can’t go wrong with black!) or at least the *hat* of the Wicked Witch 🙂 That brings to mind my favourite witch, Veronica Lake, in I Married A Witch because that’s how my mind works. Ha. (mustn’t forget Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha or, even better, her dark-haired sister Sabrina, in Bewitched!)
    They say never look a gift Horst in the mouth (ouch!) but I love his photography. Sublime, yet again, Vickie. You’re magical!

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