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  1. Ah a Green Man I have a rather lovely one on the front of my house.Its also remind me that I have to write an article on his use on Victorian Gothic Revival Furniture and have not even started.Good to be back however Vickie after an absence.

      • Just been very busy George.So much so I have not been able to get to dentist to have some teeth filled.Result horrific yesterday as broke one front one off completely when eating breakfast.I am mortified,annoyed at my work which takes up so much time and worse of all gap toothed.I am feeling quite bad about this and wondering whether I will have to have something false on wire.

        Yes I was aware of permission and in fact sent Vickie an- leave of absence request- using the white,pink and green paperwork.Now that sounds just like work?

        Now I have a few days off and my energy levels are improving with more regular food and above all sleep.Must be as I went to the gym and waved about some sixty-six pound dumb-bells with relative ease.Yes George I know thats proof of madness.

      • Vickie,thanks nice to be back.I had been just plain exhausted and felt as if I had just two brain cells left.As my reply to George shows feeling better now.Also was able to make a start to a story that I am working on the same day as exercise so evidence that energy levels getting back to normal.Its such bliss at the moment to have a few days off as I had been working 12 hr hospital shifts which left me awake for up to 16 hrs out of 24.Couple this with only one day off in every three and it very tiring.

      • I had dreams as a child of my teeth crumbling… Who knew they would come true one day while chewing on, of all things, a calcium tablet 😉 Here’s wishing you a deft dentist and a shiny new crown AND a lovely and relaxing few days off.

      • I hope its not an implant as over here they are hugely expensive and could probably not afford.As for watching barbells I have yet to drop one on my face.In fact its been quite some time since I used one with anything serious on it- say about 500 pounds.Mostly I train alone, so use machines,plate loaded machines and dumbells, as do not want to have any accidents.I have been doing this sort of thing for a long time and want to keep on doing it for the rest of my life, so place a premium on care.

        I train in a real dungeon of a place which really suits me as I have a huge aversion to health clubs and their whole commercial ethos.I have worked in a few however on a professional basis,although they are not for me.

        Oh Dear I have revealed myself as a secret muscle head ha ha.

        To more cultural matters next time.

      • I used to work out at a local YMCA with my husband, a very matter of fact place, and then somebody must have given them an endowment and they replaced all the training equipment with new gear and he can still exercise there – but I’m too short!

      • Vickie,as I have just mentioned the lifting of large hunks of iron a thought has occured to me.Historically many of the old stars have trained at some level,before the day of the so called celebrity trainer{just hate that term} how about some pictures of them exercising.

        One very interesting man involved with the training of many stars as well as bodybuilders was the famously eccentric,rude,controversial but very interesting Vince Gironda who had a world famous gym simply called Vinces Gym in Studio City CA.

        Vince was famous for his very direct manner and there is a oft repeated story about his meeting with Arnold S.Just fresh from some big bodybuilding win in his early days A.S breezed into Vinces whilst he was on the phone.He was quite full of himself and loudly introduced himself expecting Vince to put down the phone a greet him with open arms.Without putting the phone down and pausing only to say-You look like a fat f,,.to me he continued his important conversation.

        Now was that a way to treat a future Govenor of California?

  2. George Kaplan

    Welcome back, Eduardo! I was wondering where you’d gotten to! You are aware you must ask permission before leaving?! 😉 Joking! Nice to see you.

  3. When last I checked the building that was once occupied by Vinces gym is still there.Many pictures of how it once was are available on the net as are pictures of Gironda in his prime as well as later years.Information is also available on those Hollywood stars who were regular at his place as well as pictures of them training there.You would have to be a pretty strong character to keep going, as Vince would not flatter the famous or anybody else.He must have got results though as the Studios kept sending them.

    Vince alas is no longer with us as he died recently in his 80s with hardly any money in his bank.Something of a contrast there to todays celebrity trainers who Vince almost certainly would have had acid words for.

    Strange,orginal,oddball,rude and also capable of great kindness I cant help liking him.

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