The MisterMany moons ago Mr. Lester and I would go out to a cabin in the South West and read and relax…

Why the flash to the past? A few little words — shooting on location. Sometimes it’s exciting and wonderful to travel, especially when you’re young. If you’re fortunate enough to go someplace like London or Hawaii it’s a rush, for a little while, and then you realize the hours are still grinding and you’re away from most of the people you love.

I’m going to be quiet here on the weblog for the rest of the day and possibly tomorrow, because the Mister is flying out for three weeks, and frankly – I’m a bit sad.


  1. I know how hard the leaving that can be. I remember well being the one who was never home when i was in the news biz. Got old really fast. Hoping the time flies and that the Mister is back before you know it.


  2. George Kaplan

    Oh, Poor Vickie, feel better luminous lady. It may not seem so but those weeks will pass in an eyeblink and the mister will be home by your side.
    Such a sweet picture, the cat looks rather less aloof and langorous than mine, Christopher (well, he isn’t mine, he’s just *there*!)
    Sending you sympathetic thoughts, George x

  3. Heather in Arles

    Enjoy your time with the Mister today. My honey isn’t going out on long assignments like he used to and the selfish part of me is glad…
    Sending a hug your way and wishing the Mister Happy Trails…

  4. OMG! Mister Lester is a hottie. In addition, he looks very kind. (Nothing to do with the relaxing cat on his lap.) He has lovely eyes… Okay, I’ll stop now.
    Yes, location sucks. I’d have to agree.

  5. So nice that you still love each other enough to be sad when he is missed rather than glad to see the back of him. 🙂
    Hopefully the time will pass quickly anyway.

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