shelley winters, what's the matter with helen


I know I haven’t been responding to comments. I have been puffy and crabby and preparing things for the book. Now, that’s no excuse, and I apologize. I’ll be back to my chatty self in a few days. And, in the meantime, a little indulgence?

And, no. I’m not going to model my book release on Shelley’s.


Merci my angels, merci.

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  1. June 29, 2013

    I thought we had something special. </3

  2. June 29, 2013

    I have no explanation for the first picture.On the second however it is a little known fact,but there is a small dog biting her ankle under the table.I have always hated Pekes,

  3. June 29, 2013

    Maybe george can supply a plausible explanation for the first picture.

  4. June 29, 2013

    we’ve been feeling the same so it’s sort of comforting to know that you are Too.

    take time to sit and admire your roses today.


  5. George Kaplan
    June 29, 2013

    Hey Edward, I actually submitted a comment about the second picture (with a message for V) an hour ago but – oops! – posted under the wrong email address. So here it is again! –

    Shelley came to regret mixing Ex-Lax and Vodka just before her book-signing…

    Feel better, Ms Vickie, excited about the tome, have a marvellous mini-vacation, everyone will be over-joyed to see you return refreshed and recharged.

  6. George Kaplan
    June 29, 2013

    Edward, for the first pic how about –

    Ms Winters realized too late she was supposed to put the *cake* in the oven and the *baby* in the cot. 😉

    • June 29, 2013

      Too funny 😀

  7. June 29, 2013

    Be well, sweet friend, and know that you’re in my thoughts. Take your time… xoxox L.

  8. June 29, 2013

    “Crabby” has reached this side of the world too. Had such vexations on Friday that I think I have actually made myself ill; now feeling very sore throated and unhappy. That will teach me to raise my voice with Government bureaucrats.

  9. June 29, 2013

    Dearest V
    Will forgive you so long as you promise not to through the crockery at me.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  10. July 1, 2013

    Thanks George.I do not like by babies too crusty though.Funny picture that just calls out for a few matching comments.

  11. July 1, 2013

    er my babies.If I recall anything about babies my children never got crusty,but ohhhhh those nappies.

  12. July 6, 2013

    These are great Shelley photos. I can’t think of one Shelley performance that I didn’t like.

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