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December 7, 2013 /

Okay. I’ll cut it out now. But on a serious note: thank you for reading along and putting up with all my self-referential hooey. Merci beaucoup, from the bottom of my heart.

December 7, 2013 /

I decided against it. Here’s a description of the novel from the back of the book cover:

December 7, 2013 /

The editor has done all his work… And I have integrated his suggestions into the text… With a minimum of bickering, a lot of laughing, and some intellectual stretching. Monday on I read the manuscript out loud—it’s the only way—you have to HEAR during that last bit of the process…

July 8, 2013 /
June 29, 2013 /

Babies, I know I haven’t been responding to comments. I have been puffy and crabby and preparing things for the book. Now, that’s no excuse, and I apologize. I’ll be back to my chatty self in a few days. And, in the meantime, a little indulgence? And, no. I’m not…

February 8, 2013 /

Hello, Today I’m taking a short break as I’m discussing publishing a novel of mine with some charming people – I’ll fill you in if the chips fall my way – actually, I’ll fill you in either way. Over the weekend we’ll see where you might have had a swell…