CBS architect William Lescaze 1939photo Burton O Burt Columbia Square 1939


  1. The photo of it illuminated is certainly evocative. It reminds me of buildings you would see in The Rockford Files, unsurprising considering where that series was shot! It has a blocky power like a Lego.

      • Oui, I know, Vickie! I was referring to Rockford’s many location shoots around LA and environs when you would see various buildings in the background. 😉 LA has had such marvellous architecture (oh, and *hideous* places too!) it seems such a shame that some of those wonders have been allowed to wither and die. The price of “progress”?!

  2. Dearest V
    That typeface… the stretched moderne of the magical letters CBS above the entrance… The Dandy adores!
    Is it true that CBS used to be nick named ‘Tiffany Television’ on account of its above-the-average production values?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  3. George sometimes I watch films more for the backgrounds than the story.Sometimes sad however when you learn that the building you so much admired has now been knocked down.

    I have had a lot of fun over the last few days researching a wonderful ruin that appears in the film-City of Ghosts.The Boker Hill Station in Cambodia built by the French in the 1920s.

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